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Saturn is grounded in the real world. Jupiter is all about the vision.

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Neptune, the ideal. When it is manifested in reality, aka Saturn, the vision is no longer infinite and perfect. It becomes real, hence flawed. The only way to deal with this dichotomy is to find a balance. But what I do know about is skill development.

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Wherever it sits in the chart, what houses or areas of life are activated describes where a pattern of behavior or external events occur. More on the YOD here …. In this aspect pattern, three or more planets of or near the same modality are 90 square each other and two, or more, are opposition. The orb is 10 to 12 degrees.

We hear that T-Squares are trouble, right? Several assessments regard her as the most influential woman in the world. Mars square Pluto god of war and god of death, opposite Mercury square Mars.

Aquamoonlight Astrology - Aspect Patterns - Kite, Yod, Mystic Rectangle

That could be a whole lot of anger, aggression and darkness. She was not lazy with this aspect pattern and the T-Square helped her there. And below is the infamous Mata Hari. She was an exotic dancer and courtesan, convicted of spying for Germany in the first world war. The trial was over before it began, and she was executed by firing squad in France at age The idea of an exotic dancer working as a lethal double agent using her powers of seduction to extract military secrets from her many lovers made Mata Hari an enduring archetype of the femme Venus-Asc — Moon trine in water with fatale Mars square Jupiter and Pluto … I included her in the discussion to support idea that aspect patterns do not dictate a persons reality, but they fuel it in whatever direction we point.

Here are more aspect patters to look at. Explore the example charts too, if you like, or any family, friend, or celeb charts you have. If you can post the chart here, or link to it, all the better for discussion. This is great practice in spotting aspects with your eye, a skill that will help you in chart reading as you connect with the geometry of the circle.

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This is a great article! I just discovered I have a some interesting formations. This is a great topic for our members forum, but too extensive for these commentsw. A most thorough descriptive and definitive article. Very well done. Will likely be back with a question or 5, lol.

Could you further explain the working trine please? The grand trine, or just two planets that are degrees apart? If you upload your chart to the gallery, we can take a look. The degree trine aspect links planets that are usually in the same element. There is a natural flow between them, as if they are scripted to cooperate, to get along and help each other out.

Think of the planets as actors, the signs as their costumes, the houses as the stage or set and the aspects such as the trine as how they are scripted to interact. The trine says they are connected, and usually working together. Any assistance is appreciated. With the patterns, it always depends on what planets are involved, what signs and houses. They require the development of objectivity between the houses and signs activated. Every planet involved in the pattern works together.

Grand Trine Kite

So you have your chart in the gallery to take a look? When reading charts for other people, the basics of the signs, planets and houses involved trump any general term for the pattern.

Think about what energies are connected, what outlets they have via sign and house. Aspect Patterns. Aspect Patterns November 5, In Aspects , Aspects , Basic , Intermediate. By Kim. Like this: Like Loading A sextile to a grand trine can show where channeling of the trines energies can be directed and accessed through. The Yod is composed of two quincunxes degrees with a sextile at the bottom, and an opposition which runs to the point at the apex.

A planet at the base or aspect to a planet from the base would be a suitable means that would indicate a beginning in relation to the area of life in which those energies could be directed through the top of the pattern to the other area of life. The same could be said for a planet that is at the apex, its energy could be focused through connecting with the sextiles and also running through the central axis to the planet s if there is one or more at the base. It's a regular hexagon and denotes the different flows of currents of energy in relation to the planets concerned with each having their beginnings and ending points typified by the opposition points in the pattern.

The mystic rectangle is composed of two sextiles and two trines whose points contain two diagonal oppositions as well. The pattern looks like an envelope and its meaning here again refers to the currents of energies which symbolize points of half way which can mark new beginnings shown by the diagonals and the connections between the two trine aspects. Assessment of the situation between the two sextiles will add more information that can give insight about the trines and their support in beginnings.

Once again it helps to have an outside influence coming from another planet that aspects to the configuration at any one or more of the points, so the currents can have extra expression and an outlet created for things in relation to whatever the areas of life are that connect with it.

Aspect orbs are the degrees either side of the planet which determine the type of aspect and when it is working in the case of transits. For a conjunction, and square, and trine, and opposition the orb is 8 degrees either side of the planet. First do the five pointed star in the middle. Simply put a small hole in the centre of it and also your chart that needs to pasted onto hard cardboard as well and then put a split pin through it and there you have a quick way of determining the aspects for each planet.

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In the same photo you will notice on the outside of the aspect and chart wheel there is another white cardboard ring that has all the signs on it as well. If you note in the other photo it has been cut out like spokes in a wheel or alternatively you can simply cut out a circular piece of cardboard big enough but then it can only be pinned on the back of your natal chart cardboard cut out.

All you do then is simply add it to your natal chart and aspect wheel cut out, and you'll find it comes in very handy in creative astrology interpretation by moving the two wheels around to different positions and getting a feel for the natural order of signs and your natal chart signs together, and also seeing the way the planets take on different meaning when they are moved around to different signs.

This can be very helpful when working out interpretations and future transits and any number of chart techniques such as using the progressed wheel on the outside or another type of chart. In module 4 this is explained in more detail. The whole purpose of getting to know the energies of each aspect is to synchronise and connect with the planets via the aspects between the planets in the different areas of life. Higher Mind Awareness Astrology. Kites Kites are as the word says they look exactly like a kite. Grand Cross A grand Cross is two oppositions made up of 4 squares.

The Yod The Yod is composed of two quincunxes degrees with a sextile at the bottom, and an opposition which runs to the point at the apex.