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Areas of Expansion in 2020 for Taurus:

These can relate to new ideas, travels, approaches, and skills. Saturn is making its way to the top of your solar chart, and by mid-December, Jupiter will join in for an almost year-long stay. This means business! This can be a time of harvest on career fronts, achievement, recognition, and new responsibilities. Others are taking you more seriously, which can be rewarding, but at times stressful.

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It can also be a time when poor past decisions come to light. You might also replace old ways of seeing life with new views, approaches, and visions. All Taureans are feeling the newer transits in some shape or form.

However, those most directly affected by the career influence in are born April and with degrees Taurus Ascendant. Those directly affected by changemaker, Uranus—who are feeling the need for a fresh new approach to life in —are born April May 1 and with a degree Taurus Ascendant. You are moving towards a more authentic life path, and detachment from some aspects of your past is necessary. Fortunately, you often feel fresher, more energetic, or more expressive.

Yearly Horoscopes

This is a powerful time for a new or renewed passion project. Expanding a project or pursuit can be all-consuming at times, and mighty rewarding. For early Tauruses, watch for overstraining and a nervous disposition. This year is very much about personal growth, and will involve you more intensely with your work or status and material goals. Learn as much as you can this year, and put in the effort with things you genuinely love during this period of transition.

Saturn conjunct Pluto in January. This aspect can bring pressure to succeed and achieve.

Daily Taurus Horoscope from Oscar and Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes

You may be tearing something down so that you can rebuild it to be better, more appropriate, or more relevant. Since this alignment happens in harmony with your sign, Taurus, it feels easier than it would for most signs. Events occur that lead to a brand new vision. You see life in a new way, and your attitude or belief system and perspective may radically change.

Jupiter sextile Neptune from February to October. This transit helps us maintain a sense of proportion. We acknowledge our morals and spiritual values as we pursue our objectives. We can make connections with people from vastly different backgrounds, learning from their perspectives. For you, Taurus, special support comes from friends and associations. This is a strong year for bonding through shared interests or ideas.

Friendships grow or begin. Networking, courses, or extracurricular activities introduce you to new ideas and people that inspire you. Jupiter conjunct Pluto from March to November. This influence magnifies our ambitions to better ourselves or our circumstances.

We can be doggedly determined to make improvements. Still, we tend to take things too far with this combination. Occurring in the sign of Capricorn, this can relate to power. If we channel our intense ambitions appropriately, this can be a powerful period for achievement. We want to take something to a completely new level! There is a real sense that we can achieve something of significance now.

We can focus this energy on an important project or focus it inward—on bettering ourselves through greater self-understanding. Overcoming obstacles is a theme during this transit.

Taurus January 2020 MAJOR AWESOME LIFE CHANGES #Taurus #Astrology #Horoscope

For you, Taurus, you get a power-boost forward. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January asked you to cut out inauthentic paths from your life. Now, Jupiter-Pluto helps you rebuild and reinvent yourself on mental and spiritual planes.

This is a good time for feeling both motivated and inspired. People and experiences outside of your norm impact you. Jupiter conjunct Saturn in December. This transit brings you much power to start fresh with your career, reputation, responsibilities, or life path goals.

What you begin now and in the coming year can very well be significant and long-term. This is a Wolf Moon, penumbral eclipse. This eclipse occurs when there is a strong showing in the sign of Capricorn, as well as a stellium involving the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto, which are opposite the Cancer Moon. These bodies very widely harmonize with Neptune. Jupiter is conjunct the South Node. Square Uranus, widely conjunct Mercury. Occurs when Venus is square Mars and applying to a conjunction to Neptune.

Everything is direct! Major planets on one side of the chart. For Taurus,.

Conjunct retrograde Mercury. Occurs when Mars has just formed a trine to Uranus and is conjunct the South Node, and on the day of a Venus-Jupiter square. This is an important time for reflection. Part of us is clinging to desires that are no longer serving us well. Mercury is retrograde. The Sun has just aligned with Neptune.

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Occurs when Venus has just aligned with Uranus. This New Moon forms a square to the Nodes. All major planets are direct! Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars are aligned in Capricorn, and Venus is heading towards trines to all three. Widely square Pluto and Jupiter. Venus is trine Saturn and Mars.

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All major planets are direct. Mercury is sextile Pluto and Jupiter. Mars has just squared Uranus. Aligns with Uranus, sextiles the North Node, and separates from a square to Saturn.