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INAA was shown to be a reliable multi-element analytical method for determining the content of both toxicologically and nutritionally important minerals in Chinese medicinal herbs. The mineral contents and the maximum daily intake values of the tested herbs were compared with published values and with the recommended daily intakes for Taiwanese children as specified by the World Health Organization. Aflatoxin, proximate composition and mineral profile of stored broiler feed treated with medicinal plant leaves.


In the present investigation, the Morus alba M. The broiler feed inoculated with A. Plant leaves controlled AFTs efficiently without affecting the feed proximate composition and mineral contents. The M. Other plants also showed significant P medicinal plant leaves, A. What happens to health professionals when the ill patient is the health care system? Understanding the experience of practising medicine in the Romanian socio-cultural context. Our aims were to investigate the sources of work strain and stress, and the way in which they are experienced by Romanian health professionals in a work context shaped by the ongoing 20 years long reform of the national health care system.

An exploratory, qualitative design was used to investigate medical professionals' perceptions of stress and work strain. Twenty eight interviews and two focus groups were conducted with 38 physicians, residents and nurses, between the age of 26 and A semi-structured interview guide was used for data gathering and the major themes were identified using thematic analysis of the transcripts.

Three themes emerged in the analysis: governance and health system management, scarcity of resources, and health system reputation. Health professionals described the image of a suffering health system, exhausted by an inconsistent management plan, underfunded and understaffed; a system that is a constant source of discontent, bitterness and doubts for them and their patients. Romanian health professionals' experiences reveal a health care system which after 20 years of reform managed to shape a learned helplessness culture within the medical community and drive a large proportion of its workforce across the borders.

Neurotoxicological effects of cinnabar a Chinese mineral medicine , HgS in mice.

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Cinnabar, a naturally occurring mercuric sulfide HgS , has long been used in combination with traditional Chinese medicine as a sedative for more than years. Up to date, its pharmacological and toxicological effects are still unclear, especially in clinical low-dose and long-term use.

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The spontaneous locomotor activities of male mice but not female mice were preferentially suppressed. Moreover, frequencies of jump and stereotype-1 episodes were progressively decreased after 3-week oral administration in male and female mice. Pentobarbital-induced sleeping time was prolonged and the retention time on a rotating rod 60 rpm was reduced after treatment with cinnabar for 6 weeks and then progressively to a greater extent until the week experiment.

In conclusion, these findings, for the first time, provide evidence of the pharmacological and toxicological basis for understanding the sedative and neurotoxic effects of cinnabar used as a Chinese mineral medicine for more than years. Between chemistry, medicine and leisure: Antonio Casares and the study of mineral waters and Spanish spas in the nineteenth century. This article considers how chemical analyses were employed not only to study and describe mineral waters, but also to promote new spas, and to reinforce the scientific authority of experts.

Scientists, jointly with bath owners, visitors and local authorities, created a significant spa market by transforming rural spaces into social and economic sites. The paper analyses the role developed by the chemist Antonio Casares in the commodification of mineral water in mid th century Spain. His scientific publications and water analyses put a new economic value on some Spanish mineral waters and rural springs.

First the paper explores the relationship between geographic factors, regulation, and spa development in 19 th century Spain, and considers how scientific work improved the economy of some rural areas. Then the transformation of numerous country springs into spas, and the commodification of baths as places between science and leisure is examined. Finally the location of spas across the borders of medicine and chemistry is shown, together with the complex field operations required to study mineral waters.

This paper reveals an intense circulation of knowledge between the field, laboratories and scientific publications, as well as the essential role developed by experts like Casares, who not only contributed to the study of rural springs but also to their economic transformation. Correction methods of medicinal properties of mineral waters in Pyatigorsk resort. A variety of MW types is explained by peculiarities of geological structure and hydrogeological conditions of PD. Here on the sites of the development of deep semi-ring splits there are overflows and a mixture of various complexes.

Unloading of deep water strikes happens not only on the earth surface in the form of springs but also at the depth in its edging crumbling rocks of Palaeocene and quarternary deposits. As a result of mixture processes of water and its subsequent metamorphization, various types of mineral water of this deposit are formed. Pyatigorsk resort is in a special protected ecologo-resort region which mode allows to keep stability of structure and ecological purity of MW.

Nevertheless, MW variability, compositional differences and MW mineralization determining the level of its biological effect demand studying of action mechanisms of both natural MW, and possibility of its modification for range expansion of rehabilitation action. There has been shown an ability of the drinking course MW1 to influence on endocrine and metabolic continium - cortisol level increased. Hajrul yahood Lapis judaicus : An important mineral drug of Unani system of medicine for the management of urolithiasis.

Hajrul yahood Lapis judaicus is a mineral drug used in different dosage forms in Unani system of medicine and claimed to be effective in the management of urolithiasis. To explore the role of Hajrul yahood in the management of urolithiasis along with determination of its morphological, ethnomedicinal, physicochemical and pharmacological attributes. A review of literature on Hajrul yahood was undertaken using the bibliographic database viz. The search was conducted using the terms 'Hajrul yahood', 'Lapis judaicus', 'Majoon Hajrul yahood' and 'Kushta Hajrul yahood'.

Further books, monographs and reports on Lapis judaicus published in Urdu and English were used to compile the information. Hajrul yahood as such and as an ingredient in multidrug formulations has been used for the treatment of kidney and bladder stones since ancient times mainly by the practitioners of traditional medicines. Literature of Unani medicine clearly indicated that Hajrul yahood and its different formulations are safe and have antilithiatic effect. Sufficient information in respect of morphological, physicochemical and ethnomedicinal properties of Hajrul yahood are available but very few pharmacological and clinical studies have been conducted.

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The studies conducted so far have been limited by small patient numbers, weak methodology, and poor study design therefore a conclusive result cannot be arrived at. Hajrul yahood and its formulations have been claimed by Unani medicine to be useful in the management of urolithiasis. Some of the scientific reports also suggest the possibility of such an effect however further elaborate and comprehensive studies are required to validate such a claim. In the present paper, the fingerprint of Limonitum a mineral Chinese medicine by FTIR was established, and the spectrograms among crude samples, processed one and the adulterant sample were compared.

The result showed that the similarities and the coefficients of the samples were all more than 0. The processed samples revealed significant differences compared with the crude one. This study analyzed the composition characteristics of Limonitum in FTIR fingerprint, and it was simple and fast to distinguish the crude, processed and the counterfeit samples. Romanian scholars, and others, have decried the quality and quantity of scholarly productivity from Romania.


However, Romanian scholars face challenges of both tradition and resources as they try to westernize their higher education system. We analyzed data from two sources to compare Romanian scholarly productivity to that of other countries from…. Medicines can treat diseases and improve your health. If you are like most people, you need to take medicine at some point in your life.

You may need to take medicine every day, or you may only need to Evaluation of the medicinal use of clay minerals as antibacterial agents.

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Furthermore, aqueous leachates of the antibacterial clays effectively kill the bacteria. By identifying the elements lost after each heating step, and testing the bactericidal effect of the heated product, we eliminated many toxins from consideration e. We conclude that the pH and oxidation state buffered by the clay mineral surfaces is key to controlling the solution chemistry and redox related reactions occurring at the bacterial cell wall.