Birth Chart: P. V. Narasimha Rao (Cancer)

Rahu-Mercury Dasa.

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Jupiter conferring Hamsa Yoga is not involved in both these political elevations. His voice is like that of an elephant and his arms are reaching up to his knees. Venus 5th and 12th lord is in exaltation Pisces, the 10th from the Ascendant, bestowing Malavya Yoga on the native in Chart 4. In all these cases Malavya Yoga had no significant role to play.

Here, in two instances Venus, the Malavya Yoga causing planet, has shown its presence in the Antar period. He is wise and enjoys wandering in forests and mountains. He is well versed in the loopholes of the enemy. He is lively and virile. October 8, October 8, Jupiter and ketu in 9th house very clearly suggest that he will have larger or very exalted public image. As Ketu functions as a flag and makes things infinitely more powerful for Sri Manmohan Singh ji despite weakness of mars. Mars and moon connects Venus in the 8thy house.

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Venus rules the 11th house of gains and also moon. So gains from friends are there. Moon which is strong for Manmohan Singh Ji gives him good enough and clear thinking. Additionally a very strong Saturn shani the second bhava.

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  • Also string Saturn means connect to the public and the downtrodden within India. Let us check his personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of his horoscope. This makes him religious he is turbaned and does follow Sikhism closely. He could be Fair at speaking as Saturn is strong enough but vakri or retrograde.

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    Jupiter would make him very ambitious. He would gain knowledge all over his life as all is true he kept learning the economics and yes politics all over his life.

    On the eve of elections, politicians rush to astrologers to get their planetary positions reviewed

    Based on the horoscope he could be eager to learn. Also may have a good judgement due to Jupiter or Guru he infact got the economic liberalization in and helping Indian economy. A great change in life between after 53 years. You might also be regular in physical exercise. You have to avoid nervous exhaustion of any kind due to mercury The longevity and Lifespan of Sri Manmohan Singh ji?

    As because Jupiter is the Planet of expansion and dignity increases the -strength of the longevity for Sri Manmohan Singh ji. Moon or Chandra the 8th House Lord which is also very strong and moon connects with Venus and is very close n degrees to Venus or shukra. For Sri Manmohan Singh ji is Rahu is there and it is sitting in the 3rd house the secondary markesh.

    Birth Chart P. V. Narasimha Rao (Cancer) - Zodiac Sign Astrology

    In d9 or Navamsa chart for Sri Manmohan Singh ji Saturn is very strongly placed in the 5th house and Venus the lord of lagan or ascendant is there and strongly. This gain reinforces his longevity for Sri Manmohan Singh ji. Saturn is karaka for longevity and it is well placed in Navamsa for Sri Manmohan Singh ji. It is sharing good energies with Venus or shukra. Mars and Ketu are sitting in the lagna so accidents and operations both needed of care for Manmohan Singh Ji.

    The planet moon is also very well placed in the third Bhava so secondary markesh for d9 or Navamsa is Sagittarius or Dhanu rashis. Moon the 8th house lord in the Lagna or ascendant chart sits in the 3rd house and is strong in Jupiter sign. The person has a tendency to acquire more and more knowledge we all know. The person with this planetary combination May be a scholar in many subjects and is respected, all is true for sri manmohan singh ji he was a scholar in economics and yes political science. In such situations The person like him becomes scholar in many subjects and focuses on acquiring fame and name.

    His orthodoxy could be balanced out. He would normally shy away from evil deeds and would do good deeds. As 10th lord of sri manmohan singh ji is in 10th bhava, he could be very successful in your career and also command respect and honour.